Share the Love Testimonials:

“I have been using this for quite some time, I was not good at doing monthly self breast exams. With this oil, I find it easy to do it even more often and the best part is the warm and peaceful feeling! It really is one of my favorite oils, and I have many!” Rosemary

“I love using Healthy Girls, and I use it every day. I love the light pretty scent and how it absorbs into the skin so nicely. Using it gives me the opportunity to be lovingly in touch with my breasts. My husband tells me it makes my skin glisten (and he likes that) LOL. But most importantly, for me, using this oil empowers me. I feel I am protecting myself in a very healthy way – giving my breasts all the right nutrients it needs to protect against breast cancer.” Jacine

“I love the scent and feel of your healthy girls breast oil. It absorbs into the skin so easily and is non-greasy, which was one of my concerns! You have an awesome product, something to be proud of!!” Vicki

“My hormone balancer is how I best describe Healthy Breast Oil. I apply it every morning and I very seldom get hot flashes anymore. It is so wonderful. Thank you so much for such a great product.”  Genny

“How I feel when I use Healthy Girls Breast oil is empowering ! I have chosen Healthy Girls because I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer last May and it is part of my Peace of mind knowing I am doing the best thing for my breasts so the cancer does not come back. Thank you for this product”. Susan

“I love the way the Healthy Girls Breast oil smells and how easy it is to use. I have been using it ever since I was diagnosed about a year ago for Breast cancer. The breast lymph massage is easy to do with the oil and your website/videos have been very helpful!” Kellee

“I would describe Healthy Girls as a little bit of luxurious and nourishing self-care. I’m always happy to be using it. A lot of things are out of our hands, but this is one good thing I can do for my health.”  Becca

“I LOVE the smell & the feel/absorbency of Healthy Girls Breast Oil & knowing that I am applying a healthy, nurturing oil for the well-being of my breasts has got to be healthy for the rest of my body too! Having the peace of mind (mental health) & knowing this is positively affecting my (physical) health, also makes me happy & worry-free (emotional health).” Heather

“I have used Healthy Girls Breast Oil on a regular basis for the past 6 months. I find the oil to be very soothing and comforting since I know it is doing good things for my breast. My recent thermogram show that some areas that previously had inflammation/heat were now green on the scan which means no inflammation ! For someone with typically dense breast, this is very good news. I think breast massage with the Healthy Girls Breast Oil played a big part in my good results.” Barb

“I’ve been using it for several years! I feel like I’m really treating the ‘girls’ with the best ‘medicine’ they can have!! I love the lovely scent and luxurious feel of the oil. It’s truly the best on the market! My thermography results are showing very stable physiology findings, so I know it’s working! My NP/MD rated the oil as excellent when i showed it to him!” Kari