This particular dream started out with getting ready for people to come, there were lots of obstacles occurring , spilled water,  a little boy hanging on me and not letting go, so  I carried him around wherever I went.  Each of these occurrences had a meaning in the dream world.

People continued to come so we moved to a larger room.  This was more than a regular Tupperware party! It was sharing what I learned and how I used what I learned to get me to where I wanted to be. They found seats around and I decided to sit on the floor with them.  So I started my story:

 My first days of doing Tupperware parties in 1978 were fear filled.  I went through that fear and did it anyway.  I remember taking along tiny plants that I had started to give to anyone who scheduled a party.  My experience and passion grew as I continued to schedule more parties and teach more women to cook and preserve their food.  Before the year was over I was driving a company car.  I traveled a lot, incorporating two or three parties in a day in one area.   I enjoyed meeting women and sharing new ideas and recipes.  I enjoyed the rewards, trips and gifts I received from doing a good job as an executive manager. 

I remember the day my “back went out”.  It took me down to the floor in a heap.  The pain was so severe we canceled a family trip and I lay around for a week or so.  I made a change!  I decided I could schedule parties during the day, and late afternoon.  I set up guidelines and if parties were scheduled in the evening, I would give them to one of my team, the Honey Bees, to take care of.  I learned that I had a responsibility and a choice to give my life more balance.

 Quite a few years later, I had fallen into the old pattern of doing too much and again I ached with severe back pain.   It was over the Holidays and I needed to be lying down instead of enjoying my family.   Lying quietly and reflecting, I knew I needed to change!  It was January, 2000, I announced to my husband I would be finished with my Tupperware business in May, needing to sell hundreds of dollars of inventory before I finished.  

Then the fear set in!  I would not have a company car any longer, and my income would stop!   I panicked.  I had driven a company car for 21 years and now I would not have a car!  While I was at a conference in Minneapolis, I called a dealer from a small town where I had looked at a car one time, and said I wanted to buy the car.   OMG.  I did not take time to feel the fear or understand it.  I did not think or act clearly, did not ask for help from God, angels, or my husband.  My ego was so independent and fearful that I acted out of impulse!  

 Eleven years later I know to ask for help, I trust, have patience, communicate with loved ones, and listen to the guidance given in all forms.  Most recently I take time, have patience, listen to my heart, my gut feeling , and my inner knowing.  It has proven to be a happier way t o live, by accepting what is and letting go of fear.    

Learning about and using different essential oils help with all kinds of fear:  Here is a short list:     Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Lavender, Neroli, Rose, Cedarwood, Cypress, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot,  Basil, Ginger, Cinnamon.  One or more of these great essential oils are synergized in my personal blends on my website    Thank you for taking the time to visit right now.