When there is a shift in our life to a new phase, there is often confusion and disorientation.  We experience shifts throughout our lifetime. Some are dramatic shifts, as in a loss of a partner, and some are almost undetected. Coincidentally, we may begin to think about a need to change some aspect of our life in business or in a relationship for a short time before the actual change happens.

We may receive these messages of impending change in a variety forms, such as in dreams or various repetitive happenings or incidents. These silent, obscure promptings help take us to the time when we make the shift. Many times, the shift happens gradually as we move through small changes in our life, making room for something new, bigger or better.

Feeling uncertain and a little confused is common and part of a shift to a new phase in business or a relationship. When we become aware of this shift happening, we can understand that we are evolving to a higher level of growth and a new way to experience life more fully.

Recently, in Aromatherapy Nature’s Way, my business, we shifted some of our products to a new roll-on version, making them easier to apply. We also added more effective ingredients to the Sore Muscle Roll-on and the new Insect Away Roll-on. The new formulations proved to be very well accepted.

The urge to make a Healthy Girls Breast Oil in a roll-on form became evident. So, we took the plunge and created Healthy Girls Breast Oil Roll-on. We continue to use the same therapeutic, sustainable essential oils of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Nerolina, Sweet Marjoram, and Rose Absolute infused in clear Jojoba Oil.  It is applied daily, with love, to underarms, breast area, neck area and anywhere else you are guided. Women love the ease in applying it and using it as a deodorant.

We launched Healthy Girls Breast Oil Roll-on during August, my birthday month. September is the birthday of Healthy Girls Breast Oil. This month we celebrate 12 years of growth in education of the lymphatic system, including breast self-massage, and the use of effectual, pure essential oils to balance, stimulate and support breast health.

This shift into a new phase with a new product is welcomed by the industry, where there is a continual search for valuable information leading to healthy solutions. If you have been using Healthy Girls Breast Oil for a while, you may want to try the new roll-on. It is perfect for a gift for any young lady, all the way up to age 100 and beyond. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time to see what you have been missing all these years.

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