Spiritual Beings Have a Human Experience

Having a friendly relationship with death is a birthright for each of us if we are willing to do the work. And the work is dealing with our fears about the subject. No other culture is as disconnected with death as ours. Conventional medicine looks at death as the enemy, something to be conquered at all costs.

We are so identified with material forms that the thought of losing these forms causes great fear. Death does not mean we become nothing. You have heard it said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. That is true. Our spirit, or soul, keeps on living in another dimension.

We can compare our existence to an ocean wave. It has a beginning and an end, but it is always water. When the wave ceases to exist, the water that made it is still somewhere. Each wave has a birth and death, but the essence of the wave (the water) never ceases to exist.

On a cellular level we are dying and being reborn all the time. Every cell in our body is programmed for a certain lifespan and differs from other cell types. This programmed cell death is called apoptosis … the process of cell death and rebirth is going on all the time.

Many anxieties, worry and fears are associated with death and dying. You’ve probably heard stories of people who have died and come back after being in a coma, and they tell us they didn’t want to come back into their physical body because it was so beautiful where their spirit had gone for a while. When we can accept the inevitable, that we all are going to die sometime, we can live each day to the fullest with gratitude, joy, and happiness, and have no regrets at the end.     

Life and death are intertwining throughout nature. If you look around a healthy forest, you will see dead and dying trees. You will also see a rotten log with flowers and young saplings growing out of it. Death literally is a breeding ground for new life.

Fear of dying is a symptom of our forgetfulness more than anything else. In our journey through this material realm, we have forgotten who we really are. There is more to come after we leave our physical body. Even though they differ in what they believe life after physical death looks like, every religion references an afterlife.

Take Away the Illusion of Fear

Acceptance, sometimes referred to as surrender, is often expressed as “Let go and let God.” It means there is a reason for this struggle that is not yet visible to us. When we can accept how things are in the present moment, we are brought into alignment with a higher power – God.