Our yoga class has a new theme every month, and this month it is about doing what comes naturally, without much thought. Spontaneity is freedom to do and express what you feel at that moment. One example was when I was challenged to run in the snow in my swimsuit. I love challenges and spontaneity won that time. The reason it comes so naturally is because that is the way you live. Perhaps the love shines through in your words and actions when you act impulsively.

We may be hiding our true feelings by performing the same actions every day when, in truth, something doesn’t feel right. Acting with spontaneity releases the fear that was hidden. It opens our heart to what seems natural and worthy.

Speaking our truth and standing in our power gives us freedom we didn’t know we had. This is true when it comes to traditional medicine and our health. We may go along with what the “norm” is for a while, but when we feel in our heart there is more information that is not being told us, we can research, find answers, and take action that may be a better choice.

Many women are finding there is more information about breast health and lymphatic breast self-massage, and they send me their testimonials. Here are a few:

After undergoing a lumpectomy and lymph node removal, my lymph fluid was backing up, causing painful and frightening swelling under my arm. I asked if Healthy Girls Breast Oil could help me if my lymph nodes were GONE! Joyce helped me learn how to do a lymphatic self-massage so my lymph fluid could develop new pathways. After being told the lumpectomy removed all of the tumor, I got a second call from my surgeon telling me they missed a second – even larger tumor – in the same quadrant of my breast. He told me to consider a double mastectomy and even to have my ovaries removed. I furiously researched to learn what my options were. I refused radiation and hormone therapy and opted instead for natural therapies, including Healthy Girls Breast Oil. As Joyce always recommends, I got educated and took charge of my health. 

When I was first diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease, I couldn’t exercise because the pain in my breast was too much to bear. I also had quite a few painful lumps on both breasts. I decided to manage this issue naturally. I changed my diet drastically, used supplements specifically for the issues I was having and used the Healthy Girls Breast Oil. I’m happy to report that I have been keeping the issues at bay. The OBGYN was impressed with the fact that I had less lumps in both breasts.   

My breasts, at 58.5 years, are healthier and softer than they have ever been in my life. I have been doing the lymph massage with Healthy Girls Breast Oil almost daily for a few years now. Before I began, my breasts were hard, sore, lumpy, and inflamed. Six weeks after beginning the massage/oil, they were fine, and just keep getting better.   

Read more testimonials here: https://aromatherapynaturesway.com/testimonials/

Even though it’s important to plan ahead and develop good habits, every now and then take spontaneous action and notice how freeing it feels. This is the real you, and you are showing your true heart feelings. There is no need to think about a situation too long. Practice spontaneity and gain real freedom.