Spring Cleaning the Immune System

The lymphatic system is like a stream that needs regular cleaning and Spring is a time to make it strong again after a long Winter. The lymphatic system is where the impurities go to get cleansed. It needs a gentle pumping action, especially around the breast area and under the arms, where it may have been more sedentary for the Winter months.

Cleansing the lymphatic system may be the single most important and often overlooked step in having a healthy immune system.  Generally, there are suggestions for cleansing the liver and the intestines. Eliminating toxins from the lymphatic system is equally as important to help renew and keep the body healthy.

Foods can either help or hinder the flow of lymph in the body. To cleanse the lymphatic system, avoid “chemical foods” that contain artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, and stabilizers found in prepared, packaged, and fast foods. These foods tend to clog the lymphatic system. The further away from the natural whole food the product is, the more likely it is to clog the lymphatic system.

Recent studies found that 80 percent of overweight women or women with cellulite have sluggish lymphatic systems. Getting this system flowing smoothly is the key to manageable weight loss and improved feelings of well-being. Using essential oils on the body, along with a gentle lymphatic massage, is an excellent way to move the lymph, calm the body, and add depleted nutrients and oxygen into the body.

Clinical studies show that essential oils with high amounts of limonene in a blend of pure essential oils, such as Healthy Girls® Breast Oil stop and regress abnormal cells. Blends work synergistically to help balance emotions and raise vibrations from fear and anxiety, sadness, and anger to higher levels of happiness, joy, and love. At the same time they address physical conditions such as inflammation, pain, fibrocystic lumps, and PMS breast symptoms.

Read more information and watch a video showing a loving cleansing of the lymphatic system on my website, Lady Lymph   https://aromatherapynaturesway.com/lymphaticbreastmassage/