The secret to feeling good and happy with what you have and where you are is to surrender.  Surrender is different from giving in.  Giving in means to let someone or something control what you do, and it allows you no choices.   Surrender is to allow what is going to happen without judgment.   

 It took me a long time to learn this.  Now I recognize this lesson as I see many others struggle with what they are handed in live.   There was a time when I thought life handed me a lot of grief and sadness.  I thought I could control the outcome if I stayed positive, and if I was clever enough to figure it out.  It was like a rubber band.  When I stretched it and shot out what I thought was a clever act, it came back and snapped me in the face.  Another way to describe it was like a boomerang, when I threw it out with gusto and force it came back to haunt me.  Either way it was not a good feeling.

Then I learned to surrender!  I literally went through my gardens and my entire house, and asked how important these “things” were?  It was a feeling of release from deep within.  As I went from room to room and looked at my possessions, I realized there was more to life than sadness and hurt.  I could leave all what I had behind.   These were things that were added to my world for comfort and pleasure.  I enjoyed them, but I didn’t need them to survive.  It felt like I could “Let go and let God” show me what steps to take next.  The universe (God) has a design of its own.  When we surrender, we can just ride the wave.   

 When I came to the computer, my heart ached and I felt a strong urge of the importance to keep my business tools for now.  There was so much that I could do with them to help other women.  I remember how my sister struggled in her personal life.   I felt many women were going through some tough stuff because of what had been handed down from generations before, with women being the downtrodden.       

 I finally realized I am not a victim; I am spirit, living life in a physical body, having physical experiences to learn to evolve to a higher consciousness.  

When we know that what we perceive is an illusion, we get to change our perception and visualize what we really want to be.  Then we can start living as if were already here.   We get to accept and know each experience is a lesson for us to become better souls in this complex universe.   Instead of thinking it is difficult, we can simply surrender!