Take three breaths to Live, take three breaths to Laugh, Take three breaths to Love!  The words Live-Laugh-Love have a history that goes back to the early 1900’s. Today you can find the three words everywhere in home decor, signatures and and quotes.  Actually there are medicinal reasons to act out these three words.   

Take three deep breaths and Live! Breathing from our diaphragm is the best way to stimulate the immune system and improve lymphatic circulation. Movement of our lymph is crucial in keeping our bodies healthy. The lymphatic system is the cleansing system in our body. All inflammation, toxins, virus and bacteria are picked up by the lymph which lies next to the tiny capillaries.  Lymph takes it to filtering points called lymph nodes. After it is filtered and cleansed it returns to the blood stream.  Read more about the lymphatic system in several articles on my website and blog here 

Take three breaths and Laugh. In yoga class in one of the breathing exercises, our instructor has us take a deep breath and as we exhale we laugh, Ha, Ha, Ha!  We do that three times and then we go to the next exercise which is taking a deep breath and before we exhale we pull our stomachs in, rock our pelvis upward and hold it for 5 seconds. The final exercise is to stretch our legs forward to the count of 5 seconds.

Laughing is one of the best exercises for the diaphragm and lungs. There are studies that show laughter empties your lungs of more air than you breathe in and that gives a cleansing effect to the lungs. This is especially helpful for anyone with respiratory issues.  Laughter is also recommended for heart health.  You know it releases a lot of stress when you laugh.

Take three breaths and Love! Sometimes we are not in total agreement in a discussion with a family member or friend. I have learned it is best to take three deep breaths before I say anything and then what comes out are words of understanding and love, giving them the right to express their opinion. We can call this unconditional love with no judgement. Forgiveness and love is the best way to manifest what we truly want in a healthy life.

My sister, Theresa used to say Live, Laugh, and Love. I have those words above my desk and I know each of them is as important as the other two. I love to switch around their order, (lately I have Love first)  because I believe one doesn’t need to come before the other. They all blend together and are all important.

Write your comments below what you think of these three words and how do you use them?