Executive Challenge 2005 001“Take back your power and give it to yourself!”  A few years ago, I sang along to a song with these words.  I believe it helped me get through some tough stuff.   I felt I was living in a state of lack.  I felt I never had enough.  I kept looking for the day when I would have plenty and coould live in abundance.  I believed I didn’t have what I needed to do a good job, whatever it may have been.  I thought I needed to have other people “help me” with the work I had to accomplish.

Because I was living in this state of lack, I was bringing many unpleasant circumstances into my life.  For example, I felt I didn’t have the money to hire someone to build a beautiful website.   So like a parasite, I hung on to the belief that someone else could do it better and do it for me.   I chose to work with someone who was going to “save”me.   She would save me money and have someone build my website.

After many months of working and expecting any day for this beautiful website to be live and finished, it didn’t happen.  When I finally got to “see” what my website was going to look like, it was not what I anticipated. I didn’t like it at all! That is when I heard the words “Take back your power and give it to yourself” I ended the relationship with the people who so graciously wanted to help me.

I immediately went looking for another person to build my website.  I found a woman who was full of promises and she would create my website. Again I was disillusioned as she had promised I would be able to go in and change and add text to the website.  As she worked she discovered and informed me that would not be possible.  It was like I kept running into walls… another disappointment with my expectations.  I wanted to have the full moon, but I was getting just a slice. I agreed to live with that restriction for a time.   Again I felt controlled.  I had given up my power, but I was learning.

After a few months I sensed something was not right because the auto payments were not occurring.   After calling the hosting company and they didn’t have any good answers, and neither did my website creator, I copied all the pages. Then one day it happened, my website was gone!!!   There was no explanation, it was just gone.

By this time I had been checking with a few local young women entrepreneurs.  I emailed them and said my website was gone!   They assured me that with my copied pages they could have a new one up within a few days and tweak it after it was live. Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough or didn’t have enough to do a good job, that you needed someone else to do it all for you?  Do you believe it is one of those life lessons we came here to learn?

There is a quote “When the going gets tough the tough get going”.  I believe I needed to go through that stuff to learn to accept who I am and what I can do for myself.  I became a stronger, more loving woman. When the going gets tough in your life, take time to listen to your inner wisdom and know that you have everything you need to get the job done right!   Then you can confidently say “I took back my power and gave it to myself.  I can accomplish great things! “

Now its your turn to take back your power -give it to yourself!