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I first contacted Joyce after undergoing a lumpectomy and lymph node removal. My lymph fluid was backing up, causing painful and frightening swelling under my arm. I asked if Healthy Girls Breast Oil could help me if my lymph nodes were GONE! Joyce helped me learn how to do a lymphatic self-massage so my lymph fluid could develop new pathways. After being told the lumpectomy removed all of the tumor, I got a second call from my surgeon telling me they actually missed a second – even larger tumor – in the same quadrant of my breast. He told me to consider a double mastectomy and even to have my ovaries removed. I furiously researched to learn what my options were. I refused radiation and hormone therapy and opted instead for natural therapies, including Healthy Girls Breast Oil. As Joyce always recommends, I got educated and took charge of my health. I will continue to use Healthy Girls Breast Oil.


When I first diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease, I wasn’t able to exercise because the pain in my breast was too much to bear. I also had quite a few painful lumps on both breasts. I decided to manage this issue naturally. I changed my diet drastically, used supplements specifically for the issues I was having and used the Healthy Girls Breast Oil. I’m happy to report that I have been keeping the issues at bay. The OBGYN was impressed with the fact that I had less lumps in both breasts which was suggested as Fibrocystic Breast Disease. I know when I run out of the product, I can feel the difference. I make sure to be consistent. There is honestly no other oils out there that will work. Thank you so much.


My hormone balancer is how I best describe Healthy Breast Oil. I apply it every morning and I very seldom get hot flashes anymore. It is so wonderful. Thank you so much for such a great product.


Healthy Girls Breast Oil consistently eases the uncomfortable sensations I’ve had after 2 breast surgeries for breast cancer. I feel a deeply soothing pain relief that I look forward to everyday.


I had painful fibrocystic breasts. After massaging Healthy Girls on both breasts daily for a few months, I have no pain and the golf ball size lumps are gone.


It seems to ease soreness at the end of the day. And even though I tend to have dense breast tissue it is much softer now. I absolutely love the scent and am pleased that I can pamper myself in this way.


A friend keeps telling me how Healthy Girls helps with the pain where the nerves were cut., around her mastectomy as well as the incision where she had heart surgery a year ago.


Over the past 5 years I have struggled with extremely hard, tender breasts just before and during the week of my period. I believe in a holistic lifestyle and have tried many approaches to help easy the pain. I started using Healthy Girls-everyday on Aug 12th 2009. During my September 2009 cycle my breasts felt great, light and airy. I will continue to use Healthy Girls in my morning and night rituals for health and wellness.


I love Healthy Girls Breast Oil! I have a big bottle and I like to use it not only on my ‘girls’ but on my whole body! It smells heavenly and nourishes my skin with lovely botanicals. The best part about Healthy Girls Breast Oil, though, is that it helps me with menopausal breast ache. I just put on my HGBO and within minutes my aches are gone. I recommend HGBO for anyone who has breasts! Best wishes for a magical day!


I love the way the Healthy Girls Breast oil smells and how easy it is to use. I have been using it ever since I was diagnosed about a year ago for Breast cancer. The breast lymph massage is easy to do with the oil and your website/videos have been very helpful! Thank you!


I am a person who is not good about the monthly breast exams. I’ve been lucky, and never had a problem. Because I love the smell and feel of the formulation, I keep a bottle in the bathroom where I do all my morning potions and cream rituals. I have incorporated Healthy Girls into my daily routine. I came to realize its true value in spades – to encourage the regular exam! The loving lymphatic massage with Healthy Girls Breast Oil is a wonderful way to do my exam every day.


I am a happy user of Healthy Girls Breast Oil… I have a husband who is quite an admirer of my breasts and daily as he walks by he will reach up and give my girls a friendly squeeze. I had gotten to the point prior to using Healthy Girls Oil where I’d flinch as I saw his hands coming. I just didn’t enjoy the friendly squeezes anymore – it was painful! I learned to block his advances. Now after using Healthy Girls Breast Oil, my husband and my girls are happy again. He has the green light to squeeze away.


I love it… Use it three times day… I was diagnosed as high risk for breast cancer and made significant lifestyle changes,,,, Healthy Girls Brest Oil is one.. Thank you for making this… All the oils I read about are in here.


I am young breast cancer survivor. Using Healthy Girls Breast Oil gives me the feeling that I am doing everything in my physical power to combat this terrible disease. I put it on after every shower, making sure to cover all the breasts, armpit and chest area. Thank you for making this product!


I use about 14 oils a day. People that I work with just love my scent. They ask about the oils all the time. I start with the breast oil as I do my daily lymph massage.. Neck, arms, and breasts. It is heavenly! I can’t miss a day… My deodorant has 3 oils and I wear oils on my feet. I’m a nurse and run all day. I’m never sick. I haven’t missed a day of work except for two surgeries in 12 yrs. Please keep making the breast oil. Can’t start my day without it!!


How I feel when I use Healthy Girls Breast oil is empowering ! I have chosen Healthy Girls because I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer last May and it is part of my peace of mind knowing I am doing the best thing for my breasts so the cancer does not come back. Thank you for this product


My use of the Healthy Girls Breast Oil brings self care and nurturing in a sacred way. It seems like my body wakes up at a deep cellular level and that the aromatherapy soothes me at emotional and mental levels!Thank you for creating a fine product! Cheers to all women (and men!) who take the time to nurture their body in healing ways!


I would describe Healthy Girls as a little bit of luxurious and nourishing self-care. I’m always happy to be using it. A lot of things are out of our hands, but this is one good thing I can do for my health.


I love Healthy Girls Breast Oil. I use it under my arms and breast. I love the mild scent. While using it I check my breast too! Thanks.


I have used the oil for a while and while I am 4 years cancer free. I use the oil to help soften the scars and try to open the lymph pathways. I believe we have to try anything we can to help our health!


My husband had red scaly patches and red spots on his scalp and the skin was very tender. He tried many lotions and products, but nothing helped. He borrowed my Healthy Girls Breast Oil and after a week of using it, his condition has greatly improved!


I MUST order more Healthy Girls! I can’t be without it now that I’ve been using it for several years! I feel like I’m really treating the ‘girls’ with the best ‘medicine’ they can have!! I love the lovely scent and luxurious feel of the oil. It’s truly the best on the market! My thermography results are showing very stable physiology findings, so I know it’s working! My NP/MD rated the oil as excellent when I showed it to him! Thanks


I would describe Healthy Girls as a little bit of luxurious and nourishing self-care. I’m always happy to be using it. A lot of things are out of our hands, but this is one good thing I can do for my health.


My use of the Healthy Girls Breast Oil brings self care and nurturing in a sacred way. It seems like my body wakes up at a deep cellular level and that the aromatherapy soothes me at emotional and mental levels!Thank you for creating a fine product! Cheers to all women (and men!) who take the time to nurture their body in healing ways!


I love Healthy Girls Breast Oil! I love the scent. I love the way it makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. I love the name. I love sharing it with friends. I love that there is something we can do daily to connect us with our breasts to make them healthier and thus make us whole healthier women.


I love Healthy Girls Breast Oil and have been using it for years now! Top 6 reasons I love Healthy Girls Breast Oil…
1.HGBO smells wonderful!
2.Knowing I’m doing something wonderful for my breast health and well being is priceless.
3.Nothing feels as good as a good phluffing at the end of the day when the bra comes off.
4.Phluffing with HGBO is an invigorating process that gets the lymph flowing.
5.It keeps my girls soft and smooth.
6.Adding HGBO to my daily routine is effortless.


Relaxing! I use your product on my wife when she is stressed from her job. She enjoys the fragrance and intimacy.


I believe the best overall benefit is that we are also checking our breasts every day! I often forgot to do it monthly, but thesoothing effects encourage me and I never miss a day.


I love the scent and feel of your healthy girls breast oil. It absorbs into the skin so easily and is non-greasy, which was one of my concerns! You have an awesome product, something to be proud of!!


I thought you’d be interested to hear about the growth I had on my scalp. The person who cuts my hair noticed it on Sept. 11th. She said she would’ve noticed it if it had been there the last time I got a haircut, so it must’ve grown pretty fast. Anyway, I started using your blend a few times a day & this week pieces of it started to come off when I was applying the oil. I can hardly find it back now. The area isn’t raised at all – just a flat pinkish spot. It was a little bigger than a pencil eraser & stuck out about that far to begin with. It wasn’t a dark color, but more of a flesh color. Thanks so much for making up the blend for me.


I have been enjoying my daily massage with Healthy Girls Oil for almost two years now. Recently my husband has started using the Healthy Guy Oil.


I must tell you that Healthy Girls is my go-to gift for all of my girlfriends’ birthdays.  I came to your product after a needle biopsy that left me horribly bruised.  I had a surgical biopsy two months later and despite my even having done a diet cleanse the week before, I had no bruising. My surgeon couldn’t believe how well I was healed less than a week after the procedure. Luckily, my biopsies were for naught, but I continue to use the Healthy Girls Breast Oil 4 times a week. I’ve also found it works wonders on all sorts of scrapes and cuts. My companion also loves his daily foot and heel massage with Healthy Guys. Thanks for your products and generosity.


In 2009 I found a small breast lump about the size of a pea that I had to have checked over and biopsied. When I went for that biopsy, they found another spot on mammogram that was actually not the one I was feeling. So, had to have two biopsied. Long story short, by the time I got to the biopsy appointment, they had done mammogram or squashed my breast about 3-5 more times to find that second spot. Anyway, I was at a craft fair with a couple girlfriends and we found your booth. I was encouraged to try Healthy Breast Oils. My left breast was taking a long time to get back to the same consistency as the other because of the multiple mammograms, and once I started fluffing the girls with the oil, it was like night and day. My breast responded and was back to the consistency of the other in a short time. Thank you Joyce !!


I LOVE Healthy Girls!! My breasts, at 58.5 years, are healthier and softer than they have ever been in my life. I have been doing the lymph massage with Healthy Girls oil almost daily for a few years now. Before I began, my breasts were hard, sore, lumpy, and inflamed. 6 weeks after beginning the massage/oil, they were fine, and just keep getting better. Thank you thank you thank you!  Light and blessings.                                                                                     


I  was a winner of Healthy Breasts Massage Oil about two years ago and used it prior because of it being recommended by my thermographer here in Omaha NE! I consider myself a breast health advocate and have a closed group Facebook page called Taking Empowered Action for Breast Health. I am a retired massage therapist. I have recommended your oil and given links  to women for some time and will continue to do so. I am interested in all things pro-active for breast health. My Mother lost her battle with cancer back in 1993. Natural ways of staying healthy speak to me as I share with others. Thank you for the work you are doing in your corner  of the world!! Thanks for your site and  new adventures!! Love that your daughter is carrying on the work and freeing you for new  things!                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I am very pleased with such a wonderful product!! The non-greasy formula leaves “the girls” feeling soft with increased circulation. LS

I LOVE Healthy girls breast oil!! The smell is amazing and it’s not greasy at all! It’s helped me so much and I highly recommend this product!



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