“Time does not stand still.”  My mom would say those  words often, with a ring in her voice.  As the days seem to retreat into nights and the next day dawns, those words still ring in my heart.  Does it matter?  What is time all about anyway?   

It’s been a short memorable summer.  Our grandson’s wedding on May 14th was just the beginning of  lots of celebrating this summer.  Even though the day was quite cool and rainy, the bride and groom never stopped smiling.  Everyone enjoyed the entire day and danced into the night.  They even played a few polka dances just for grandma and grandpa.  

A bout ten days later we were on our way with our daughter and son in law to a grandson’s graduation in Montana.   Much flooding in Montana kept us from taking shorter routes.   The day after the graduation party we took a quick trip to Glacier National Park.  In the beautiful snow covered Rocky Mountains we took a hike on top of  3 feet of snow to see a double waterfall.    The Badlands of South Dakota were awesome this time around.   We saw flowers,  and there was a lot of green, not as I remembered it in the 1960’s. There were paths leading to” doors and windows” that looked out to vast areas of Badlands. 

Getting the pond ready, planting and tending to vegetable and perennial gardens was very challenging this year.  Keeping our pet ducks and other critters out was almost impossible.  July was in full bloom as we celebrated at our granddaughter’s wedding on July 16th.   It was very special for me, and I couldn’t help but give everyone a hug after the ceremony. 

August came with birthdays, farm shows, and going through 50 years of pictures to put together for our 50th anniversary party on Sept 10th.   It was a monumental task,  sorting  old black and white pictures in 1961 through digital saved pictures in folders.    Many needed to be scanned, cropped and arranged in folders.  I learned stuff I had never done before and it was exhilarating to get it all done!  We had three picture boards and a short slide show for our families to see  as they celebrated with us.

“Time keeps marching on” another quote Mom would say about time.  So now as we march into Fall, we gather in the last vegetables as we put the gardens to rest.   Taking my mom for a ride to the apple orchard was one of our favorite things to do in Fall.   She would smile, watch out the window an ask again “where are we going?”  She was 90, Sept. 2002