Trust Your Gut Feeling

I’m getting better at recognizing my inner knowing and my gut feeling. I am more aware and can tune into messages I get when it comes to deciding what my body needs for my highest good. This message comes to me in a very subtle voice or feeling. I sometimes still like to confirm it with a quick pendulum swing. I have been getting these feelings for a long time already. I believe everyone gets these feelings or inner knowing. It depends on how aware and open they are to be receiving these messages.

When I take time and perhaps take a relaxed breath, I’m ready to receive. Then I ask, if I don’t already know the answer. For example, when I had a mole on my leg that was growing, I asked if I needed to get it taken care of in a doctor’s office. I got a NO. I asked if I could take care of it with essential oils, and I got YES.

I already knew I would use Frankincense and Lemon. And I knew why … they both contain limonene as one of their constituents, which can stop abnormal cells from growing. Lemon is clearing and purifying, and studies showed that Frankincense could stop metastasis. I knew I wanted to add Lavender, because it has so many rejuvenating properties for healing. I put the essential oils in clarified jojoba oil in a roll-on bottle and applied to the mole every morning and every evening.

Nothing happened for several weeks. I noticed the mole seemed to increase in size when I took a bath, and it got warm. I trusted that I was on the right track, and I kept applying the blend I made in an easy-to-use roll-on. After those first several weeks, a crust seemed to form on it. I kept putting the oils on every morning and night. Then I noticed it was getting smaller. I was excited and knew for sure it would go away if I kept using the essential oils on it. It seemed to have a scab, but it was still very much attached to my leg.  At the end, it became a mere pin head, and I continued to use the essential oil blend. Finally, it was GONE. Nothing remained … not even a scar. I was elated and knew it was my inner knowledge/gut feeling that kept encouraging me to continue with the applications and helped me TRUST that the mole would go away completely.

I believe in trusting what you already know and the messages you get. Your thoughts create your reality. Your gut feeling is your truth.

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