Trust Your Inner KnowingTrust Your Inner Knowing

Do you trust your inner knowing or gut feeling?  Recently, I experienced a substantial pain in my left side below my breast.  I stopped what I was doing and sat down.  It was difficult to breathe.  I kept trying to take a deep breath, but it hurt a lot. I started thinking what I had been doing before the pain started.

We had been gone most of the day, yoga, appointment, visiting, shopping in a couple of stores.  When we got home I went out to pick the black raspberries, because it was going to rain.  The mosquitoes were very annoying even though I had applied “Insect Away Rub-on”.  When I got back into the house, I grabbed a few crackers and herring, and dashed up stairs and down stairs to get all the shopping items put away.  That is when the pain started.

While I sat there hurting, I realized I had held my breath from the mosquitoes; I barely breathed as I gobbled down my food, and was rushing around up and down stairs.  No wonder my body said “STOP, I need to breathe!”   I sat a little longer and took exaggerated breaths, filling my lungs and belly with air and letting it all out when I exhaled. Gradually the pain dissipated and I was ok.

My inner knowing and gut feeling gave me a message of what that was all about. It was a message to slow down, take time to enjoy my food (fast eating can cause indigestion and pain.)  Relax, take time, be in the present moment, and enjoy each activity. I used to think if it wasn’t for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn’t get done.   I have found this old pattern doesn’t work so well anymore.  So I am open to all the possibilities of new ways to express myself and get things done. Instead of thinking I have to get it all done today, I look at what I can leave for tomorrow. I find this more relaxing and I can breathe.

When we throw out a pattern of the right way, the wrong way, and the only way, we become creative in all aspects of life. Trust is something we may not be born with, but we learn.  As small children we learn to trust as Mom leaves the room that she will return.  A small child’s inner knowing comes from what he/she has seen, heard, read, or experienced in one way or another As adults we continue to learn to be present in the moment with awareness in each experience.

Our thoughts create our reality!  Trust your inner knowing or gut feeling. Remember the Little Engine who said “I think I can I think I can”, and he did!