We each are gifted in a unique and important way. Pause long enough to identify what it is that sets you apart from others around you and discover why you are special too. What are your interests, talents, and skills that have helped you make a living or helped give you satisfaction? These are some of the same talents you continue to share with others to bring them a meaningful, enjoyable life.

Some find it easy to identify and nurture the gifts they have to offer while others find it a challenge or a complete mystery of what their purpose is in this life. Take time to discover and recognize what it is you love to do and how much joy it is to give to others even if they do not acknowledge it! It may even be a tiny, random thing you do consistently that brings light to you and those around you.

Once you figure out what your unique gift is, thank yourself for bringing that light into someone’s life and into the world. Another way to spread your light is by thanking someone who is a consistent source of light for you. Sharing your appreciation of them may end up being a light for them which they needed. This may rub off on others sharing love and light to many more to help the whole world sparkle and shine a little more.