What Have We Learned?

There certainly is a lot of confusion these days about what we can believe and who is speaking the truth. There are forces at work distorting the research and numbers, resulting in large mortality figures, so they can paint COVID-19 as the deadliest disease ever. The vaccine manufacturers have a major role in this craziness.

There are vast fortunes to be made from developing the first vaccine for COVID-19. There seems to be no need to prove the vaccine works, no need to demonstrate it is safe. They who are looking to make a lot of money have taken proven research and proceeded to distort and damage scientific facts for their own benefit. They want to vaccinate the world, and they now see the door open to do just that. They are inflating the numbers of those who have died, just to get their point across.

So, what have we learned? We have learned that medical science is not a pure thing. We have learned that the world of research has not come together to conquer COVID-19; it has split apart. We have learned there are two opposing sides and they both are strongly pushing their agenda.

We have learned that it is up to each of us to take control of our health. Use these practices to keep your body and immune system performing optimally.

  • Clean up your diet. Reduce your body’s toxic burden by avoiding processed food, inflammatory foods, and simple sugars, also known as simple carbohydrates. Investigate food sensitivities that may affect your digestion.
  • Drink plenty of purified water to help carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and eliminate toxins and wastes. Experience less fatigue and less pain!
  • Breathe deeply and slowly to calm the body and restore the nervous system.
  • Get regular physical exercise, out in the fresh air and sun if possible
  • Eliminate environmental toxins, including harmful ingredients and EMFs as much as possible
  • Examine emotional issues and learn techniques that calm anxiety and heal.
  • Forgiveness is a great healer. Emotions always have something to tell us. Be mindful, listen, speak out, and act.
  • Use pure essential oils to enhance any emotional and physical concerns.
  • Get plenty of good sleep to prevent hypertension, nervous anxiety, improper glucose control, and inflammation throughout the body.

We have learned compassion for healthcare workers, police, and teachers. We have learned self-care is vital in all situations, improving our immune system with better food and lifestyle choices. We have learned to stay home and enjoy unique time with family. Working from home relieves the daily stress of traffic, parking lots, and negative coworkers. We also have learned to enjoy nature more than ever and be diligent about protecting our natural resources.

Last, but not least, we have learned that caring for our bodies is OUR responsibility, and not the doctor’s or anyone else’s. When we listen to our gut feeling, or our inner consciousness (intuition), and act on what we hear, we can be grateful, accept, and appreciate our human life as it is.