Wise Women Make Healthy Choices.

Wise women make decisions to focus on what they want instead of happenstance. Dr. Christiane Northrup says,” All of the decisions you have made in your entire life have brought you to this place, where you are right now. We must understand that only when we accept the responsibility for the choices we have made can we accept the fact that tomorrow will be anything we want it to be based upon the decisions we make today.”

Almost all decisions come with options or choices of what feels good now as well as what will feel good later. Wise women will take time to think and thoroughly research their options and weigh the circumstances for now and later. We do not need to decide until we have all the facts and feel comfortable with our decision. Wise women choose the option that will give them more options and choices in the future. There is always more than one way!

Seeking advice from someone who has experience may be helpful but only if you want to experience what they have. Then make your decision and don’t look back! You have made a wise decision for you and everyone concerned at that time.   

Placing too much effort and thoughts on detecting a cancer can make you a victim. Our society and traditional medicine insists that cancer is hereditary. Did you know fewer than 15% of all women who develop breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it?

The cause of most cancers is environmental, meaning it has to do with what we eat and drink, exercise, and toxicity we are exposed to, including thoughts and stress. Wise women always have a choice to make lifestyle changes and healthy options for example:

Excess sugar increases insulin which along with high blood sugar changes the way estrogen is metabolized in the body. Elevated estrogen levels are a risk factor for several cancers. Wise women can choose bioidentical hormonal replacement which uses hormones that are molecular identical to the ones their body produces, a safe alternative.

Breast pain that comes and goes is usually caused by excess hormonal stimulation of the breast from too much estrogen, excessive caffeine, or chronic stress. It is not a risk for breast cancer!  According to Dr. Christiane Northrup the link between breast pain and breast cancer is very low, less than one percent.

Sometimes we get stuck in a pattern of stress which can include sadness, guilt or depression. Taking time to learn how to heal from those emotional wounds puts you in a place of forgiveness which leads to contentment and joy. Wise women educate themselves about their options, and focus on living well and healthy while they are alive!

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