Yesterday is history. We know things will not be the same when this pandemic mess is over. We will not go about our “business as usual” as it was before the start of this world-wide crisis. What are the gifts and lessons we are learning from this novel worldwide virus?


Tomorrow is a mystery. Stress is due more to the stories we tell ourselves than the situation itself. We do not know when or how all of this will end. Instead of stinking thinking, what are the possibilities? What will life be like when this devastating news is over? Will we be able to live, laugh and love differently? What if we are learning unique ways to work, communicate, and have more time for important things in life? What if we could add humor and speculation to this stressful situation as a chance to lighten up? Humor will defuse depressive thoughts and allow space or time to see a different perspective.


Today is a gift! We are learning to connect with family and friends in various ways to make life more favorable. We are learning that today is a gift. When we focus on priorities and stay in the present moment we get to appreciate and be grateful for what we have. We can stay in the present moment and repeat mantras such as “All of life comes to me with joy, health, and happiness.” We see love and compassion showing up all over the world. Love is the one gift that is more powerful than anything else.   Look for ways to inject love into any situation. Love can be an antidote for all unhealthy situations. We all have the gift of love when we choose to use it.

 The only thing we need to change is our thinking.

Consider one day at a time, one hour at a time, and deal with what is most important at any moment. Ask your inner self “what the most important thing for me to do right now?” It is much less stressful if we focus on what we can do in the moment and don’t look forward to things returning to the old normal.